Onyx Successfully Delivers Its SENTRY to the US Air Force
Last week Onyx, in collaboration with OKSI, a leader in turnkey imaging systems for military, ground, air, and space-based applications for the United States, and Fenix Group, a leader in mission-critical communications solutions, successfully delivered its SENTRY to a United States Air Force (USAF)...
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Case Study: Leveraging RAMT to Power High-Stakes Rescue Missions
All USAF Rescue Squadrons specialize in combat search and rescue (CSAR) operations, often in hostile and remote environments. Their mission set includes personnel recovery, medical evacuation, and disaster response. These challenging missions demand precision aerial delivery of critical life saving ...
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Case Study: Empowering Special Operations with Onyx’s Unmanned Mobility Applications
Integration of unmanned mobility applications across multi-domain environments is an absolute must for any special operations team committed to mission success. It enables operations in austere environments without risking the integrity of onboard systems or putting humans in harm’s way.  The...
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Case Study: Enhancing Real-Time Situational Awareness with Onyx's FYNDER
The United States Air Force is home of the world’s preeminent airborne commandos employed in Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Air Combat Command (ACC), and other elite units. US Air Force Pararescuemen are tasked and trained with the unique mission set of deploying from the air, groun...
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