Ethics & AI: Artificial Intelligence Technology Development in Ethical Context
Onyx recognizes its unique responsibility as a leader among technology developers, delivering artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to both defense and commercial partners. More than a disruptive technology, AI is a transformative force impacting every human experience across the globe. Onyx believ...
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Improving Defense Capabilities with Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems
The fight against unmanned aerial systems (UAS) is both an art and science when it comes to countering proliferation and ever-advancing threats across the modern battlefield. Since its founding in 2017, Onyx has been at the edge of the counter unmanned aerial systems (CUAS) technology, having served...
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A Brief Introduction to Military Robotics
Robotics technology has revolutionized defense systems around the world in recent years. The benefits of military robotics include enhanced situational awareness, increased precision, and reduced risk to human soldiers....
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The Evolution of Small Drone Technology
We live in a world where technology is constantly evolving, and drones are one of the latest technological innovations with amazing implications for the future. ...
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