Enhancing Defense Capabilities with Human-Machine Teaming

Onyx announced today the launch of Human-Machine Teaming solution offering for defense clients. 

Human-Machine Teaming is an innovative and battle-tested solution developed by former special operators with decades of experience in the field. It enables intelligent collaboration between human operators and robotics or unmanned systems to perform tasks that would be difficult, dangerous, or impossible for either to perform alone. 

Adoption of human-machine teaming by operational units unlocks numerous benefits – from improved operational effectiveness, enhanced performance, and reduced - or even eliminated - risk to human life. 

“This is central to Onyx’s portfolio of innovative and mission-driven solutions, and we are humbled to be able to lead the way in innovation with unmanned systems and human-machine teaming focused on the advancement of our nation’s and allied forces’ defense capabilities of the modern-day battlefield,” said Zach Pyle, CEO at Onyx Industries. 

Human-machine teaming has a transformative effect across many defense applications. It allows to strengthen information superiority, reduce cognitive load, take on physical loads, deliver supplies and conduct disaster search, rescue, and recovery operations in austere environments, and handle many other dangerous tasks – all while ensuring mission success without risk of loss of human life.

“Our human-machine teaming curriculum combines real-life experience with best-of breed technologies, reinforcing real-time awareness and AI to empower units to make informed decisions and execute mission more effectively and efficiently with less risk to human life,” said Mike Cadice, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Onyx. “The integration of HMT is a must for any forward-focused unit committed to mission success.”

From training defense clients on how to employ unmanned systems at a tactical level, outfitting their organizations with state-of-the-art autonomous technologies, to aligning the strategy, tactics, and technology to maximize operational effectiveness, Onyx brings a holistic, innovative, and mission-relevant approach to the future of warfare. 

Curious to learn more?

Get in touch with us today to explore how Onyx can help you enable human-machine teaming for future mission success.

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