Enhancing Real-Time Situational Awareness in Multi-Domain Operational Environments 

Having accurate and real-time situational awareness in a multi-domain environment is mission-critical for all military units.

The KÄGWERKS-Onyx’s Force FYNDER is the ultimate plug-and-play edge sensor of its kind designed to enhance your situational awareness. Its unified connectivity and intelligent technology enable real-time sensor data collection, processing, and reporting of single or multiple users simultaneously across multi-domain operational environments. 

Versatile, intelligent, and impact-resistant, FYNDER is packed with unique and powerful capabilities to help the U.S. and allied military forces advance the ever-evolving defense capabilities by improving situational awareness and enhancing operational effectiveness in the field.

“FYNDER was originally designed to track friendly forces in real-time for rapid personnel recovery in the event a service member was lost or separated and injured. As we advanced the technology and added other mission-critical sensors, we formed a product development partnership with KÄGWERKS to expand the FYNDER's operational effectiveness across the entire Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT),” said Zach Pyle, CEO at Onyx Industries.

“With the majority of our team having spent the first half of their careers in Special Operations and Special Mission Units and having tested a ton of mesh radios ourselves, we knew exactly what was needed to help enhance the situational awareness and versatility across an open ecosystem. FYNDER is meant to be the precision sensor we have been looking for – able to intuitively serve-up critical insight to troop position, safety, and health in real-time and in 3D,” said Chris Klaftenegger, COO at Onyx Industries.

FYNDER seamlessly integrates with a variety of devices, allowing it to collect a wide range of sensor data - including inertial measurement and multi-axis positioning, with ties into a variety of available biometric sensors. The system further utilizes high-efficiency radios allowing communication with other intelligent systems in a heterogeneous ecosystem, while all measurement data - including ancillary battlefield sensors - is further aggregated by the FYNDER Base Station. The system boasts multiple Layer 2 connections to propagate data across any encrypted tactical IP networks, making it an unmatched solution for the modern-day battlefield.

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