Driving operational effectiveness with

Force Modernization

Across multi-domain ecosystem


Enhancing the safety and efficiency of airborne operations.


Powering land operations in risky environments.


Propelling maritime operations with intelligent technologies.
ONYX Capabilities

Force Modernization

Driven by client requirements, unique missions, and resources, Onyx provides intelligent force modernization solutions tailor-made to advance your operational effectiveness across multi-domain environments.
Onyx Offerings

Enhancing Operational Effectiveness

Developed by former special operators with decades of experience in the field, Onyx's Force Modernization offering is tailor-made to enhance the capabilities of military forces facing asymmetric threats and operating in highly-complex multi-domain environments.
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Defense Modernization & Training
Unmanned Systems, Counter-Unmanned Systems
Threat Assessment, Analysis & Risk Mitigation
Technology Consulting, Engineering & Robotics
Open-Source Fusion & Predictive Analytics
Rapid Prototyping & Light Manufacturing


Onyx provided mission-specific solutions that met our budget, enhanced our force, and did so in a timely manner.
NATO-Allied Commander
Product Overview

Tailored Solutions

Onyx brings a mission-relevant approach to the integration of emergent technologies. Battle-tested and expertly packaged, our solutions are based on decades of lessons learned and the most current techniques, tactics, and procedures. We leverage this expertise to help our clients find the right tools that meet their unique mission requirements and drive real results in the ever-evolving modern battlefield.
EO/IR Optics
Medium & Long Range
Fixed-Point EO/IR Sensors
Handheld EO/IR Sensors
Communications & Sensors
Unattended Ground Sensors
Secured Communications Systems
sUAS Platforms
Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Surveying & Precision Agriculture
Rotor Wing, Short Range
Fixed Wing, Mid-Range
Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Modular Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Tracked UGVs
Counter Unmanned Systems
Radar & BLOS Detection
Passive RF Detect
RF Defeat
GPS Defeat
Kinetic Solutions

Ready for Mission Success?

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