Leveraging Innovation to Empower Special-Purpose Airborne Operations

The need for unmanned special-purpose airborne applications has significantly increased in recent times. Despite the remarkable achievements of existing platforms, additional capabilities are necessary to address current operational gaps.

Onyx's innovative, intelligent, and versatile airborne solutions help enhance modern airborne operations of the U.S. and allied forces. From smart modular air delivery solutions to long endurance ISR platforms and unmanned integration capabilities, Onyx leads the way in the special-purpose airborne innovation space.

NightHawk: Low-Acoustic ISR Special-Purpose Aircraft

Built with special purpose aviation in mind, NightHawk QS3 is a long-endurance Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) platform with low acoustic and low thermal signatures. This unique special-purpose aircraft is available in manned and unmanned versions.

NightHawk's advanced aerodynamic design, high-efficiency turbo-diesel engine, and carbon fiber construction provide a range of up to 5,000 NM at a speed of 140 knots with 48-hours of endurance (+500 lbs payload), when operating as an "optionally manned" aircraft. The outer wing panels can be removed in less than 30 minutes, making NightHawk QS3 an ideal platform to be rapidly transported via a C-17 or other deployment means.

RAMT: Smart Modular Air Delivery Solution

Highly versatile, modular, and customizable, Onyx’s RAMT is the only unmanned logistics enablement tool of its kind, built to support tandem airborne operations that enables safe deployment of critical equipment in hard-to-reach places around the globe.

Designed to allow the airdrop of a complete inflatable watercraft, including engine, fuel, and inflation system enclosed in one delivery, RAMT can be deployed in multiple air delivery configurations, such as tethered tandem, conventional, or guided parachute systems, such as Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS).

Its modular and highly versatile design makes it ideally suited for delivering custom-fitted enclosures for the safe deployment of any type of goods and equipment - from unmanned systems, communications equipment, and defense technologies to humanitarian aid, soft goods, and more - suitable for hard-to-reach and contested domains around the globe. 

FYNDER: Enabling Real-Time Situational Awareness

Force Fynder is the ultimate plug-and-play edge sensor of its kind designed to enhance operator’s situational awareness. Its unified connectivity and intelligent technology enables real-time sensor data collection, processing, and reporting of single or multiple users simultaneously across multi-domain operational environments. FYNDER integrates with any mobile device or can be used as a stand-alone wearable module, providing precise situational awareness with open SDKs for easy integration into TAK and other user-interface suites and applications.

JUMP V60: Modular Air Delivery Harness Solution

JUMP V60 was designed uniquely to provide the Ghost Robotics Vision V60 Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle (QUGV) with airborne mobility, whether air dropped by itself or tandem jumped with an operator, for the full spectrum of multi-domain operations. It enables rapid and seamless transition from airborne insertion to ground or maritime mobility. As part of the Onyx’s family of unmanned systems integrations and mobility products, JUMP V60 is one of the most durable, versatile, and mobile robotics enablement systems on the market.

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