Leveraging Innovation to Solve Modern-Day Security and Risk Mitigation Challenges

The rapidly evolving nature of threats to our national security calls for a distinctly unique and innovative approach to furthering our nation’s defense capabilities.

Onyx’s Risk Mitigation product portfolio is designed to meet the unique and ever-evolving needs of the U.S. and allied military forces around the globe. Whether enhancing the safety and efficiency of airborne operations, powering land operations in austere environments, or propelling maritime operations with intelligent technologies, Onyx’s mission-focused portfolio of smarter, highly versatile unmanned systems and intelligent defense technologies help effectively mitigate operational risk and advance mission success in rapidly evolving multi-domain operational environments.

Deploying a Remote Intelligent Tactical Sentry System to Intelligently Scan and Reliably Engage

Onyx’s SENTRY is a multi-functional intelligent sentry platform designed to be a force multiplier for zero-fail missions. Developed by operators and engineers with decades of experience in the field, SENTRY is an unmatched solution for the modern battlefield, providing automated target detection and recognition while keeping operators in the loop. It leverages a Digital Imaging System (DIS) with ATD/ATR to autonomously scan, detect, classify, track, and report any threat for fast and effective tactical action. It may be deployed in an overwatch or terrain denial position to protect friendly forces in the heat of battle.


Lightweight, rapidly deployable, and easy to pack and mount, SENTRY is an ultimate tool designed to enhance your operational effectiveness in the field. The integrated system combines Onyx's X360 pan and tilt gimbal, RAW (Remote Actuated Weapon), and an AI-enabled DIS. It is fully integrated with the TAK suite and is MANET (Mobile Adhoc Network) capable of maximum operational impact. 

Enabling an Operator-Controlled Remote Kinetic Action

Onyx’s RAW - Remotely Actuated Weapon - is a modular remote-actuated lower receiver capable of accepting most conventional upper receivers. Designed to provide a durable, versatile, and intelligent solution for an operator-controlled remote kinetic action, RAW is lightweight, easy to pack, rapidly deployable, expeditious, and durable. It is an unmatched solution for the modern battlefield. 

Capable of mounting to static or dynamic ground, air, and maritime platforms, RAW is built to withstand aggressive vibration and shock in austere conditions to ensure maximum operational effectiveness. The system is capable of remote safe and fire sequences via secure encrypted radios, intuitive software interfaces, and compliant tethered networks. Onyx offers two variants of the RAW: the RAW15 for 5.56x45mm NATO and 300AAC (Blackout) calibers, and the RAW10 for 7.62x51mm NATO and 6.5 Creedmoor calibers.

RAW also mounts to Onyx X360, providing 360-degree azimuth and 40-degree elevation integrated with intelligent slew-to-cue automation.

Enhancing Precise Remote Action with X360, Intelligent Gimbal Solution 

Designed with zero-fail missions in the most austere environments in mind, Onyx’s X360 is a portable, secure, technology-enabled intelligent gimbal solution that powers precise remote action. It has the ability to mount to any platform, static or mobile, and may be paired with Onyx RAW or with any other commercial system that requires trusted accuracy on demand.

From weapon systems to antennas, optics, and lasers, Onyx X360's technology-driven precision and reliability make it a trusted gimbal solution for the U.S. and allied armed forces operating in highly complex multi-domain environments.

Curious to Learn More?

Get in touch with us today to explore how Onyx’s forward-focused risk mitigation product portfolio of smarter, highly versatile unmanned systems and intelligent technologies can help you effectively mitigate operational risk to ensure mission success.

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