Onyx Announces a New Partnership with Precision Technic Defence
Onyx announced today a new strategic partnership with Precision Technic Defence Group. "Onyx is thrilled to partner with Precision Technic Defence Group. This strategic partnership will expand our global partnership network, allowing us to better serve our mission-focused clients in the EMEA region,...
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A Brief Introduction to Military Robotics
Robotics technology has revolutionized defense systems around the world in recent years. The benefits of military robotics include enhanced situational awareness, increased precision, and reduced risk to human soldiers....
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Critical Infrastructure and Emerging Threats
The need for a defense strategy against emerging technology threats is crucial because these threats can cause massive damage to critical infrastructure while putting the security of nations at risk. By focusing on areas like sensors, anti-drone technology, and policy development, organizations and ...
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Onyx's NAUT Featured in Popular Science
Onyx is thrilled to see its autonomous maritime mobility system, NAUT - Nautical Autonomous Unmanned Tail - being featured by Popular Science in an article titled 'A new tail accessory propels this robot dog across streams.' "NAUT is the ultimate plug-and-play autonomous maritime mobility system for...
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Home-Made Drone Threats
Civilian drone technology has made incredible advancements over the last few years. However, drones can also pose significant threats to critical infrastructure, businesses, and civilians....
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The Evolution of Small Drone Technology
We live in a world where technology is constantly evolving, and drones are one of the latest technological innovations with amazing implications for the future. ...
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