NightHawk QS3

Optionally-Manned ISR Special-Purpose Aircraft
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unparraleled capabilities in the field

Low-Acoustic ISR
Special-Purpose Aircraft

Built with special purpose aviation in mind, NightHawk QS3 is a long-endurance Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) special-purpose aircraft with low acoustic and low thermal signatures, available in manned and unmanned versions.
Key Features

Quiet. Intelligent. Versatile.

Engineered for optimal performance in expeditionary scenarios and low-intensity conflict operations, NightHawk QS3 offers unparalleled capabilities in the field. Its exceptional endurance and ability to carry mission-critical payload for days rather than hours makes it ideally suited for long missions to hard to reach places around the globe.


NightHawk QS3 rovides a range of up to 5,000 NM at a speed of 140 knots with 48-hours of endurance (+500 lbs payload), when operating as an "optionally manned" aircraft.

Low Acoustic Signature

Quiet operations enabled by composite low-drag airframe, sailplane-like wings, and controllable propeller pitch and engine noise.

Low Thermal Signature

Enclosed exhaust and cooling air mixing tunnel enables to effectivelly reduce thermal signature.

100% Composite Construction

High Aerodynamic Efficiency

Dual Power Plants

Dual or Multi EO/IR Imager Options

Low Acoustic & Thermal Signatures

Rapid Reconfiguration

Enhanced Safety

Aircraft Specifications

NightHawk QS3

NightHawk QS3's advanced aerodynamic design, high-efficiency turbo-diesel engine, and carbon fiber construction provide a range of up to 5,000 NM at a speed of 140 knots with 48-hours of endurance with +500 lbs payload, when operating as an "optionally manned" aircraft. The outer wing panels can be removed in less than 30 minutes, making NightHawk QS3 an ideal platform to be rapidly transported via a C-17 or other deployment means.
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Max cruise 150+ KTS
3000 NM at 130 KTS
> 25,000′
11’, 2”
Gross Weight
3,800 lbs, 2,350 empty
57′ (17′ without wing panels)
Sensor Payload
18 ft3 in primary sensor bay & 9 locations throughout the aircraft
Multiple Configurations

NightHawk QS3 Variations

NightHawk is available in manned and unmanned versions to fit your unique mission requirements.


~ 60 hours loiter time endurance
MTOW 4250 lb
Payload 500 lb and 150 ft3 of internal space

Manned ISR Configuration

Crew of three
Designed to carry two WESCAM MX-15 gimbals (IR/Vis) or similar equipment
Additional nine sensor locations throughout the aircraft


NightHawk QS3 can penetrate denied airspace and operate undetected by the enemy at close range, loitering long periods to gather valuable information. It is harder to see, hear, and detect by radar or thermal imaging and night vision than any aircraft now in operation.
Aviator, 160th SOAR

Ready for Mission Success?

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