Onyx: A Year of Focus and Continued Innovation

As 2023 draws to a close, we look back at some of the most remarkable moments in Onyx’s journey this year.

Core Product Launches

Onyx launched its core product this year – SENTRY, an intelligent remote weapon system. Developed in partnership with OKSI, SENTRY consolidated Onyx’s innovative defense systems portfolio, continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with unmanned systems in the special operations domain. 

Onyx further expanded its airborne solutions portfolio with the offering of NightHawk QS3 special purpose aircraft, available in manned and unmanned versions. Engineered for optimal performance in expeditionary scenarios and low-intensity conflict operations, NightHawk QS3 offers unparalleled capabilities in the field. Its exceptional endurance and ability to carry mission-critical payload for days rather than hours makes it ideally suited for long missions to hard-to-reach places around the globe.

Expanding Technology Integrations

Throughout the year, Onyx continued to expand its technology integrations, successfully showcasing SENTRY’s integration with Persistent Systems RDC, and completing a successful delivery of SENTRY to a United States Air Force (USAF) installation in Texas integrated with Fenix’s Talon PUC MANET radio, enabling connectivity and data sharing over mission-critical applications.

Onyx continued to develop its maritime portfolio, conducting a range of successful tests of its NAUT system integration with the Vision 60 Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle. During the 60-minute tests, NAUT successfully performed several autonomous river-crossing scenarios with the Ghost Robotics VISION 60® Q-UGV® robotic “dog” in preparation for its delivery to a Special Operations customer.

Global Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement

Onyx was actively engaged in a wide range of global defense industry events this year – from unveiling SENTRY during WEPTAC, hosting a live demonstration of its innovative defense technology capabilities at the Battlefield Vegas in Nevada, conducting a successful RAMT airdrop test event in Arizona with Airborne Systems, attending IDEX International Defense Exhibition and Conference in the United Arab Emirates, showcasing its innovations to the global Special Operations Community at SOFINS in France, participating at the Marine Innovation Summit in Sweden, presenting its innovations to the U.S. Special Operations Forces community during the SOF Week in Tampa, FL, successfully demonstrating SENTRY at the International Special Operations Forces (ISOF) Lethality Week in Nevada and global defense show DSEI in London, UK, hosting a live demonstration of the NightHawk QS3 special purpose aircraft during the Modern Day Marine event in Washington, DC, sponsoring the PJ Rodeo 2023 event in Louisville, Kentucky, demonstrating RAM-T and FYNDER at the 2023 Combat Diver Competition in Florida, and building new partnerships and discussing the future of warfare with defense industry leaders during AUSA 2023.

“As we look back at our achievements this past year, we want to thank our entire team, clients, and partners for your continuous dedication to our mission,”  said Mike Cadice, Onyx Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “From all of us at Onyx, we wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.” 

“This has been a year of continued innovation and refinement, focused on further maturing our defense technology innovations,” said Zach Pyle, Onyx CEO. “We look forward to accomplishing much more in 2024.”

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