Onyx Conducts Successful NAUT Autonomous Mobility Integration Tests with VISION 60 Q-UGV

Onyx, in collaboration with Ghost Robotics, conducted a range of successful tests of its NAUT system integration with the Vision 60 Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle.  

During the 60-minute tests, NAUT successfully performed a number of autonomous river-crossing scenarios with the VISION 60® Q-UGV® robotic “dog.” 

The VISION 60® Q-UGV® is a mid-sized high-endurance, agile, and durable all-weather ground drone for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for defense, homeland, and enterprise applications.

NAUT was designed to help overcome emerging threats within littoral areas that are rapidly expanding in operational depth, complexity, and lethality. The system provides maritime mobility capabilities to any buoyant system requiring unmanned thrust and autonomy. It is built to withstand austere conditions and programmed with a proprietary autonomous propulsion method that enables the execution of pre-programmed mission plans or maneuvering the system via a smart controller. 

“This integration test was a significant milestone in the maturity of NAUT. We are excited to be innovating the future of autonomous systems that enable littoral operations,” said Mike Cadice, Onyx's Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. 

Onyx was founded by former special operators with decades of experience in the field. The company proudly serves the U.S. and allied military forces focused on operating in highly complex multi-domain environments.

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