Onyx Conducts a Successful RAMT Airdrop Test Event with Airborne Systems

Onyx, in collaboration with Airborne Systems, a world leader in military parachute design, manufacturing, and training, conducted a RAMT airdrop test event last week in Arizona.

The airdrop test event was intended to assess the capabilities of Onyx's RAMT - Rigged Alternate Method Tandem – a smart modular air delivery solution. Highly versatile, modular, and customizable, RAMT was designed to allow the airdrop of a complete inflatable watercraft, including engine, fuel, and inflation system enclosed in one delivery. 

During the test airdrop event, Onyx’s RAMT was intelligently integrated with the Airborne Systems’ Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS). The system’s guidance, navigation and control software analyzed its environment in real time, ensuring accurate RAMT delivery. Onyx and Airborne System successfully and safely deployed 908 lbs. of equipment from the air to the ground while securely stored in the RAMT Inflatable Barrel accessory.

“This was a highly successful airdrop test event and I could not be more pleased with the outcome,” said Chris Klaftenegger, Onyx COO. “RAMT really is the only unmanned logistics enablement tool of its kind, built to support tandem airborne operations that enables safe deployment of critical equipment in hard to reach places around the globe.”

RAMT is a highly modular carriage system that can be deployed in multiple air delivery configurations, such as tethered tandem, conventional, or guided parachute systems. Its modular and highly versatile design makes it ideally suited for delivering custom-fitted enclosures for the safe deployment of any type of goods and equipment - from unmanned systems, communications equipment, defense technologies to humanitarian aid, soft goods, and more - suitable for hard-to-reach places around the globe. 

Onyx’s rapidly-evolving Logistics Enablement product portfolio is uniquely crafted based on end-user requirements, allowing for a safe deployment of any type of goods and equipment to hard-to-reach places around the globe, increased situational awareness of the operator, easy command and control to power traditional maritime capabilities, and an unparalleled airborne mobility of select unmanned ground vehicles.


About Onyx

Onyx Industries is an innovative defense technology company focused on delivering versatile and intelligent technologies that power challenging undertakings in multi-domain operational environments.

About Airborne Systems

Airborne Systems is a world leader in military parachute design, manufacturing, and training. In addition to military troop parachutes, the company provides Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS), a wide variety of aerial delivery solutions for cargo and boats; air dropped emergency rescue survival equipment; rescue and safety restraint harnesses; and ejection seat parachutes. Airborne Systems also provides brake, spin stall and deceleration chutes, inflatable products and vehicle recovery solutions for space. Airborne Systems is a global company with facilities in Pennsauken, New Jersey, USA; Santa Ana, California, USA; and Toulouse, France.

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