Onyx Post- Modern Day Marine 2023 Private Social Event

Onyx is pleased to welcome you to join us for a private networking reception to conclude the Modern Day Marine 2023 event. Relax and make connections away from the crowds at a private rooftop penthouse over at our corporate HQ located in vibrant Tysons, VA. Take this opportunity to participate in the Onyx raffle featuring such items as the Marine Raider stiletto knife, captured Japanese battlefield flag, and more. Meet our leadership, take a sneak peek into the emerging technology developments, or simply enjoy an open bar and a wonderful view.

Register to Attend

Registration has ended.

Event Date & Time

29 Jun 2023 @ 1800 EST

Event Location

Onyx Industries HQ
Penthouse Rooftop
1676 International Drive
McLean, VA 22102
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