Remotely Actuated Weapon

Controlled Offset Engagement

Platform-Agnostic Modular Lower Receiver

RAW is a modular remote actuated lower receiver capable of accepting most conventional upper receivers. Designed to provide a durable, versatile, and intelligent solution for an operator-controlled remote kinetic action, RAW is an unmatched solution for the modern battlefield. 
Key Features

Modular. Versatile. Intelligent.

Capable of mounting to static or dynamic ground, air, and maritime platforms, RAW is build to withstand aggressive vibration and shock in austere conditions to ensure maximum operational effectiveness. The system is capable of remote safe and fire sequences via secure encrypted radios, intuitive software interfaces, and compliant tethered networks.


Sub 4 lb durable platform. Weight does not include added optics, sensors or ammunition.

Easy to Pack & Mount

Small form factor easily fits in a tactical day pack. Various mounting solutions offer myriad options for vertical, horizontal, or inverted configurements.

Rapidly Deployable

Quick snap connectors and release pulls allow the RAW to quickly mount to nearly any platform. Once powered on, RAW is ready to receive its accompanying upper and get to work!
 integrated Mounting Options


RAW is the only device of its kind to provide fully remote and adjustable kinetic action capability to ensure mission success. It offers a variety of mounting options for multi-domain mobility platforms, tripods, fixed structures, unmanned systems, and more. RAW also mounts to the Onyx X360, providing 360-degree azimuth and 40-degree elevation integrated with intelligent slew-to-cue automation.

Tailored Mounting & Software Integration

Secure & Trusted Control

Edge Processing for Advanced Capabilities

Impact-Resistant & Anti-Corrosive

Adopts to Most Upper Receivers & Calibers

Integrated Optics, Laser & Ranging Features

Remote Zeroizing & Fire Select Locking

Compatible with TAK Suite

Multiple Configurations

RAW Variations

Compare RAWs to determine which one suits your mission requirements


5.56x45 NATO / 300 AAC (Blackout)
X360 Integration
Complete Lower Receiver


7.62x51 NATO / 6.5 Creedmoor
X360 Integration
Complete Lower Receiver
Product Specifications


Lightweight, easy to pack, rapidly deployable, expeditious, and durable; RAW is designed to address the needs of the modern battlefield by enabling a full-suite of intelligent operator-controlled remote kinetic options.
15” x 4” x 2”
3.2 lbs
6 hr optional battery and/or
direct power slave
Integrated secure 802.11 and/or
direct control via primary digital link
Pending IP67 rating
5.56x45mm - Fielded
300 AAC - Fielded
7.62x51mm - Fielded
7.62x39mm - Fielded
9x19mm - Currently Testing
40mm - Currently Testing
6.8mm - Future Development
RAW provides a durable, versatile, and intelligent solution for an operator-controlled remote kinetic platform; this system is an unmatched solution for a SOF team in an ever-evolving modern battlefield.


MARSOC Special Operator

Ready for Mission Success?

Get in touch with us to explore how Onyx RAW can help enhance operational effectiveness in the modern-day battlefield.
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