Onyx Successfully Delivers Its SENTRY to the US Air Force

Last week Onyx, in collaboration with OKSI, a leader in turnkey imaging systems for military, ground, air, and space-based applications for the United States, and Fenix Group, a leader in mission-critical communications solutions, successfully delivered its SENTRY to a United States Air Force (USAF) installation in Texas.

SENTRY is a multi-functional intelligent sentry platform designed to be a force multiplier for zero-fail missions. Developed by operators and engineers with decades of experience in the field, SENTRY is an unmatched solution for the modern battlefield, providing automated target detection and recognition while keeping operators in the loop. It leverages Digital Imaging System (DIS) with automatic target detection and automatic target recognition (ATD/ATR) to autonomously scan, detect, classify, track, and report any threat for fast and effective tactical action. It may be deployed in an overwatch or terrain denial position to protect friendly forces. 


The integrated system combines Onyx's X360 gimbal, RAW (Remote Actuated Weapon), an AI-enabled DIS, and is MANET (Mobile Adhoc Network) capable for maximum operational impact. SENTRY is fully integrated with ATAK and leverages passive ranging to populate targets into the common operating picture. It allows the operator to assign and forget, or actively control this heavy-hitting system.

”SENTRY is an unmatched solution for the modern battlefield and we are extremely proud to have been able to deliver this advanced technology to our Air Force client,” said Zach Pyle, CEO at Onyx.

The SENTRY systems were enabled by Fenix’s Talon PUC MANET radio, enabling connectivity and data sharing over mission-critical applications.

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