Onyx to Launch a Modular Air Delivery Harness Solution, JUMP V60

Onyx announced today the launch of JUMP V60, a modular air delivery harness solution designed uniquely to provide Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle (QUGV) with airborne mobility.

Developed specifically to meet the unique design requirements of the Ghost Robotics Vision 60, JUMP V60 ensures the Vision 60 sensors and payloads stay unobstructed and fully operational during use.

 “JUMP V60 is a strategic add-on to the Onyx’s family of unmanned systems integrations and mobility products, offering the only durable and versatile robotics airborne mobility system on the market. Together with the NAUT maritime jet drive, JUMP V60 continues to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with unmanned systems in the special operations domain,” said Zach Pyle, CEO at Onyx Industries.

JUMP V60 can be air dropped by itself or tandem jumped with an operator, enabling unmatched airborne mobility for the full spectrum of multi-domain operations in the defense technology realm. 

About Onyx

Onyx Industries is an innovative defense technology company focused on delivering versatile and intelligent technologies that power challenging undertakings in multi-domain operational environments.

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