Onyx Unveils SENTRY, a Remote Intelligent Tactical Sentry System

Onyx announced today during the WEPTAC the launch of Sentry – a remote tactical sentry system designed to keep the operator in the loop and out of danger. WEPTAC is an annual Combat Air Forces industry event focused on joint warfighting and is hosted by the United States Warfare Center.

Developed in partnership with OKSI, Sentry is a multi-functional intelligent sentry platform designed to be a force multiplier. It is an unmatched solution for the modern battlefield, providing automated target detection and recognition while keeping the human in the loop for lethal engagement.

“We are proud to continuously innovate next-generation capabilities for our defense clients while staying at the forefront of strategic force modernization efforts of the U.S. and its allies,” said Mike Cadice, Onyx Principal.

Versatile, intelligent, and precise, Sentry is an ultimate tool designed to enhance operational effectiveness in the field.

Lightweight, easy to pack, and rapidly deployable, Sentry leverages OKSI’s digital imaging system (DIS) with ATD/ATR to autonomously scan, detect, classify, track, and report any threat for fast and effective tactical action. It may be deployed in an overwatch or terrain denial position to protect friendly forces in the heat of battle.

“Sentry is an unmatched solution for the modern day battlefield, providing an additional set of eyes and weapon on target when you need it most,” said Zach Pyle, CEO at Onyx Industries. 

“We are thrilled to join forces with Onyx to create such a future-focused system that truly is the definition of a force multiplier,” said Christopher Shaub, Head of Strategic Partnerships at OKSI. “An intelligent system that puts extra eyes and barrels pointed down range on the lookout without exposing our warfighters to harm is the kind of technology that allows our clients to maintain the advantage on the modern battlefield.” 

“This partnership is just the start of something great and we jointly look forward to bringing more expanded capabilities to the front lines for our clients,” said Chris Klaftenegger, Onyx COO.

The integrated system combines Onyx's X360 pan and tilt gimbal, RAW - remote actuated weapon, OKSI’s AI-enabled DIS, and is mobile adhoc network (MANET) capable for maximum operational impact. Sentry is fully integrated with ATAK and leverages passive ranging to populate targets into the common operating picture. The user interface allows the operator to assign and forget, or actively control this heavy hitting system.

Curious to learn more?

Contact Onyx today to learn how Sentry can help you enhance your operational effectiveness in the field and ensure mission success.


About Onyx

Onyx Industries is an innovative defense technology company focused on delivering versatile and intelligent technologies that power challenging undertakings in multi-domain operational environments.Learn more at onyx-ind.com.

About OKSI

OKSI is an R&D leader in customizing sensors, AI/ML, and EO/IR technologies for ground, air, and space applications within the defense, aerospace, and environmental industries. With over 30 years of driving innovation and disrupting the industry, OKSI is committed to solving the world's most challenging engineering problems by using AI to extract data across from the entire EO/IR spectrum. Their autonomous and intelligent solutions rapidly analyze, identify, and communicate actionable insights, enabling critical decision making, action prioritization, and outcome optimization. Learn more at oksi.ai.

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