Zero-fail Mission Intelligent Gimbal Solution
Powering Precise Remote Action

Intelligent Gimbal Solution

Designed with zero-fail missions in the most harsh environments in mind, Onyx X360 is a portable, secure, technology-enabled intelligent gimbal solution that powers precise remote action.
Key Features

Precise. Versatile. Secure.

From weapon systems to antennas, optics, and lasers, Onyx X360's technology-driven precision and reliability makes it a trusted gimbal solution for the U.S. and allied armed special forces operating in highly complex multi-domain environments.

Unmanned Action

Actions through a remote controller, autonomously through intelligent algorithms, or by direct tether.

Real-Time Connectivity

Connects to any smart device or a variety of network interfaces.

Seamless Integration

Mounts to any carriage or platform, or may be paired with Onyx RAW to ensure maximum precision.
Connecting the dots

Onyx X360 Integration

Onyx X360 has the ability to mount to any platform, static or mobile. It may be paired with Onyx RAW or with any other commercial system that requires trusted accuracy on demand.

Mission-Critical Optics & Sensors

Antennas & Radar

Ranging & Lasing

Secured Wireless Connection


Intuitive Connection to Smart Devices

AI-Enabled Remote Control

Product Specifications

Onyx X360

Onyx X360 seamlessly advances the operational effectiveness of the most challenging undertakings across multi-domain operational environments.
Download Spec Sheet
9” x 6” x 3.5”
2590 Battery, Power Adapters Available
5.5 lb (2.5 kg)
Max Payload
25 lb (11.3 kg)
Degrees of Pan
Degrees of Tilt
MANET, DDL & ATAK-Compatible


Onyx X360 provides such a large range of capabilities that we simply never had before.. It was incredibly easy to mount our optics, sensors, an antenna, and even a weapon to the platform. Onyx X360 truly is a game changer.
US Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
Enable real-time precision
Direct autonomous action via intelligent algorithms
Connect to any smart device or a variety of network interfaces
Enjoy secure, open-source software for maximum compatibility
Ensure zero-fail outcomes in the most harsh environments
Empower mission success
Onyx X360 in action

Empowering Zero-Fail Missions

Versatile, intelligent, and precise, Onyx X360 is packed with unique and powerful technological capabilities to help advance operational effectiveness in the most harsh and austere environments and ensure zero-fail mission success.

Ready for Mission Success?

Get in touch with us to explore how Onyx X360 can help ensure zero-fail mission success in any environment.
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