Leveraging Innovation to Empower Special-Purpose Airborne Operations
The need for unmanned special-purpose airborne applications has significantly increased in recent times. Despite the remarkable achievements of existing platforms, additional capabilities are necessary to address current operational gaps. Onyx's innovative, intelligent, and versatile airborne soluti...
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Case Study: Empowering Special Operations with Onyx’s Unmanned Mobility Applications
Integration of unmanned mobility applications across multi-domain environments is an absolute must for any special operations team committed to mission success. It enables operations in austere environments without risking the integrity of onboard systems or putting humans in harm’s way.  The...
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Onyx Conducts a Successful RAMT Airdrop Test Event with Airborne Systems
Onyx, in collaboration with Airborne Systems, a world leader in military parachute design, manufacturing, and training, conducted a RAMT airdrop test event last week in Arizona. The airdrop test event was intended to assess the capabilities of Onyx's RAMT - Rigged Alternate Method Tandem – a smart...
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Powering Challenging Operations with Intelligent Logistics Enablement Tools
Logistics enablement is a key component of a successful operation that can make a difference between mission success and failure when operating in challenging environments. Distinct for their versatility and intelligence, Onyx products are designed by former special operators with decades of experi...
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