Powering Real-Time Situational Awareness

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REAL-TIME sensor data integration

Ultimate Plug&Play Master Sensor Hub

FYNDER is the ultimate plug-and-play edge sensor of its kind designed to enhance your situational awareness. Its unified connectivity and intelligent technology enables real-time sensor data collection, processing, and reporting of single or multiple users simultaneously across multi-domain operational environments.
Key Features

Versatile. Intelligent. Precise.

FYNDER seamlessly integrates with a variety of wearable devices, allowing it to collect a wide range of sensor data - including inertial measurement and multi-axis positioning, with ties into a variety of available bio-metric sensors. The system utilizes high-efficiency radios offering over 12 hours of battery life and allowing communication with other intelligent systems in a heterogeneous ecosystem.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with any mobile device or can be used as a stand-alone wearable module.

Real-Time Tracking

Includes multiple cutting-edge integrated sensors for real-time tracking and monitoring.

Precise Situational Awareness

Provides precise situational awareness with open SDKs for easy integration into TAK and other user-interface suites and apps.

Mission-Critical Measurement Sensors

Mesh Network Interoperability

Open SDK/Protocols for Other Applications

Rugged, IP65 & Impact-Resistant Housing

Low Power Usage & Minimal Thermal Transfer

Backlit Display with Adjustable Brightness

Tactile Buttons for Easy Menu Navigation

Connecting the dots

FYNDER Base Station

The FYNDER Base Station aggregates all measurement data to include ancillary battlefield sensors. The system boasts multiple Layer 2 connections to propagate data across any encrypted tactical IP network.
Product Specifications


FYNDER is designed to advance operational effectiveness by integrating intelligent mission-critical measurement sensors and mesh network interoperability across multi-domain operational environments.
Download Spec Sheet
2.5” x 1.5” x 0.5” (6.4 x 3.8 x 1.2 cm)
8-12 Hours, Activity Dependent
0.25 lb (0.45 kg)
3-9 miles (5-15 km)
POS Accuracy
+/- 2.5m accuracy
Barometer / GPS / Accelerometer / Magnetometer / Altimeter / Gyroscope


We have tested a ton of mesh radios at our unit... FYNDER is the precision sensor we have been looking for; this micro-device delivers enhanced awareness and versatility across an open ecosystem. The device intuitively serves-up critical insight to troop health, safety, and position in 3D... This is the future!
Air Force Special Operator
Integrate with any end-user device or as a stand-alone module
Enable real-time situational awareness
Get real-time updates on your team members
Visualize your own sensor data
Map-track lost or injured members of the team
Empower mission success
Fynder in action

Enhance Your Situational Awareness

Versatile, intelligent, and impact-resistant, FYNDER is packed with unique and powerful capabilities to help you improve situational awareness and advance operational effectiveness in the field.

Ready for Mission Success?

Get in touch with us to explore how FYNDER can help you improve situational awareness and enhance operational effectiveness.
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