Autonomous Maritime Mobility System

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NAUT Autonomous Maritime Mobility System - Onyx Industries
Modular Propulsion System

Nautical Autonomous Unmanned Tail

NAUT is the ultimate plug-and-play autonomous maritime mobility system for easy command and control, designed to enhance traditional maritime capabilities and improve operational effectiveness in support of mission.
Key Features

Modular. Autonomous. Secure.

NAUT provides maritime mobility capabilities to any buoyant system requiring unmanned thrust and autonomy. It is built to withstand austere conditions and programmed with a proprietary autonomous propulsion method that enables the execution of pre-programmed mission plans or maneuvering the system via a smart controller.

Advanced Automation

Fully autonomous with both pre-programmed and on-the-fly operator control.

Customized Mounting Options

Tailored mounting options for curved, V-hull, or flat-bottom platforms. Field-expedient attachable and detachable mounting solutions for autonomous robotic systems or any other maritime platforms.

Private Encrypted Wireless Control

Embodies secure wireless connection via private key encrypted wireless control with remote zeroizing capability.

Command and Control Agnostic

Open SDK allows NAUT to be controlled by autonomous ROS, universal controllers, TAK suite, or other applications.

Fully Autonomous

TAK Suite Compatible

Rugged Component Design

Command and Control Agnostic

Tailored Mounting Options

Optional Quick-Detach Capability

Product Specifications


NAUT is designed to enhance littoral operations in contested environments.
Download Spec Sheet
3+ knots
System/Battery Dependent
2 lbs (1 kg)
Direct from controller or via COTS GUI
Pending IP67 rating
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Image: NAUT Integrated with the Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Connecting the dots

NAUT Integrations

NAUT seamlessly integrates with autonomous robotic systems. It connects to conventional networks or through a secure wireless interface for easy command and control from anywhere.
NAUT was absolutely designed with future-maritime operations in mind. This system enhances waterborne mobility with an easy command and control interface that improves operational effectiveness with speed and precision. The autonomous mission feature is an absolute must for unmanned utility.


Former MARSOC Special Operator

Ready for Mission Success?

Get in touch with us to explore how NAUT can help enhance your maritime mobility and improve littoral operations in contested environments.
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