Onyx Sponsors 2023 PJ Rodeo, to Present Its Innovative Defense Technologies to Pararescue Community

Onyx will be hosting a live demonstration of its innovative defense technologies during the PJ Rodeo 2023 event that will take place on September 3– 9, 2023, in Louisville, Kentucky. As a major PJ Warrior Sponsor of this year's event, Onyx proudly honors the Rescue and Special Operations community.

“Onyx leads the way in the airborne defense technology innovation space, and we are extremely pleased to have been able to sponsor and help coordinate such a unique event dedicated to the pararescue community,” said Chris Klaftenegger, Onyx COO and former Air Force PJ. 

This year, be sure to catch Onyx’s RAM-T and Fynder in action during the parachuting competition that will take place on Monday, September 4, 2023. Don't miss the Nighthawk special purpose aircraft, showcasing its advanced ISR capabilities on the tarmac. 

The live range demo of Onyx’s SENTRY remote intelligent tactical sentry system will take place on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, in collaboration with OKSI and Persistent Systems. The shooting demos will feature SENTRY’s integration with OKSI's state-of-the-art Digital Imaging System (DIS) and Automatic Target Detection/Recognition (ATD/ATR) software for real-time threat detection and tracking, further enhanced with Persistent System’s Rugged Display Controller (RDC) and MPU5 for seamless user control. 

Join us at our booths during the Medical and Monster Mash segments of the Rodeo, the Vendor Fair, the Rodeo Awards Event, and the Reunion Banquet.

About PJ Rodeo

The PJ Rodeo is a bi-annual Pararescue Association sponsored event. This Gathering of Eagles is hosted by the 123rd Special Tactics Squadron of the Kentucky Air National Guard. Learn more

About Onyx

Founded by former special operators with decades of experience in the field, Onyx proudly serves the U.S. and allied military forces focused on operating in highly complex multi-domain environments. Learn more

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Contact us today to schedule a good time to connect during the PJ Rodeo event to learn more about innovative defense technologies.

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