Onyx to Host a NightHawk QS3 Special Purpose Aircraft Demo Event During Modern Day Marine 2023

Onyx announced today it will be hosting a live demonstration of the NightHawk QS3 special purpose aircraft. The event will take place on June 28 and 29, 2023, at the Manassas Regional Airport, Virginia.

The timing coincides with the Modern Day Marine event taking place in the nearby Washington, D.C. It will be focused on showcasing the NightHawk QS3 capabilities for the U.S. expeditionary force and special operations industry leaders.

NightHawk QS3 is a long-endurance special purpose aircraft with low acoustic and low thermal signatures, available in manned and unmanned versions. Engineered for optimal performance in expeditionary scenarios and low-intensity conflict operations, NightHawk QS3 offers unparalleled capabilities in the field. Its exceptional endurance and ability to carry mission-critical payload for days rather than hours makes it ideally suited for long missions in austere environments.

“Onyx leads the way in the special purpose airborne solutions and unmanned integrations space, and we are thrilled to host such a unique event dedicated to showcasing the incredible capabilities of the NightHawk QS3 aircraft to the special operations community,” said Michael Cadice, Onyx Founder and Chief Innovation Officer.

“We are truly humbled to be able to bring our inventions to life, and grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our NightHawk QS3 special purpose aircraft to America’s expeditionary force,” said Andrew Schaaf, Managing Director at NightHawk Aircraft.

NightHawk QS3's advanced aerodynamic design, high-efficiency turbo-diesel engine, and carbon fiber construction provide a range of up to 5,000 NM at a speed of 140 knots with 48-hours of endurance with more than 500 pounds of payload, when operating as an "optionally manned" aircraft. The outer wing panels can be removed in less than 30 minutes. This makes NightHawk QS3 an ideal platform to be rapidly transported via a C-17 or other deployment means.

Founded by former special operators with decades of experience in the field, Onyx proudly serves the U.S. and allied military forces focused on operating in highly complex multi-domain environments. 

Onyx NightHawk ISR aircraft demo 28-29 June 2023 VA
Curious to Get Your Eyes and Hands On NightHawk QS3?

Contact us today to save your spot at the NightHawk QS3 special purpose aircraft demo event.

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