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Onyx Capabilities

Mitigating Operational Risk

Onyx Risk Mitigation product portfolio is designed to meet the unique and ever-evolving needs of the U.S. and allied military forces as well as corporate clients around the globe to help effectively mitigate operational risk and advance mission success in multi-domain operational environments.
Remote Tactical Sentry System


Sentry is an unmatched solution for the modern battlefield, providing automated target detection and recognition while keeping operator in the loop.
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Controlled Offset Engagement


RAW is a modular remote actuated lower receiver capable of accepting most conventional upper receivers. Designed to provide a durable, versatile, and intelligent solution for an operator-controlled remote kinetic action, RAW is an unmatched solution for the modern battlefield.
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Intelligent Gimbal Solution


Designed with zero-fail missions in the most harsh and austere environments in mind, Onyx X360 is a portable, secure, technology-enabled intelligent gimbal solution that powers precise remote action.
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Autonomous Maritime Mobility System


NAUT is the ultimate plug-and-play autonomous maritime mobility system for easy command and control designed to enhance traditional maritime capabilities and improve operational effectiveness in support of mission.
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RAMT-34C_Onyx modular-air-delivery-solution
Modular Air Delivery Solution


Highly versatile, modular, and customizable, RAMT [Rigged Alternate Method Tandem] is a smart modular air delivery solution and the only logistics enablement tool of its kind built with risky airborne operations in mind that allows safe deployment of any type of goods and equipment to hard-to-reach places.
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Optionally-Manned ISR Aircraft

NightHawk QS3

Built with special purpose aviation in mind, NightHawk QS3 is a long-endurance special-purpose aircraft with low acoustic and low thermal signatures, available in manned and unmanned versions. Its exceptional endurance and ability to penetrate denied airspace and operate undetected by the enemy at close range makes it ideally suited for mitigating risk in challenging operational environments. 
NightHawk QS3 Special Purpose ISR Aircraft - Onyx

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