A Year of Transformation, Growth, and Continued Innovation

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back at some of the most remarkable moments in Onyx’s journey this year.

Brand Transformation

Onyx successfully transformed its brand and established its unique voice across the digital ecosystem – from reshaping Onyx’s virtual presence to surpassing 1,000 followers on LinkedIn. Our integrated marketing strategy enabled us to communicate directly with a growing number of defense industry professionals and provide support and inspiration they need. We achieved this by focusing on the needs of the end-users of our products – operators in the field, and by working closely with our partners and cross-functional teams to ensure we are creating content that is engaging and meaningful.

New Expanded Headquarters

Onyx expanded to a new headquarters in vibrant Tysons, Virginia. The new space is tailored for the ever-evolving needs of our team and clients driven by passion and purpose. It is emblematic of our dedication to the Washington D.C. metro area, and embodies our veteran, citizen, and innovator spirit as we serve mission-driven clients across the globe.

Industry Events

Onyx was actively engaged in a wide range of defense industry events this year – from hosting a demonstration of the NightHawk aircraft at the Leesburg Executive Airport, Virginia, to showcasing its expansive portfolio of versatile, intelligent defense technologies and capabilities at the AUSA 2022 Annual Meeting and Exposition - the largest professional development and idea-exchange defense forum in the United States. The event attendees were able to explore a select suite of Onyx’s products designed to meet the current requirements as well as future needs of the modern-day battlefield, including NAUT, FYNDER, RAW, X360, and many others.

Continuous Innovation - New Product & Capability Launches

Onyx launched two new products this year – X360 and JUMP V60, further expanding the vibrant portfolio of unmanned systems integrations and mobility products designed to help advance our nation’s and allied forces’ defense capabilities of the modern-day battlefield. These strategic product add-ons continue to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with unmanned systems in the special operations domain.

Onyx launched Force Modernization capability offering in response to our clients’ unique mission requirements and needs. As an integrated and battle-tested solution, it was tailor-made to enhance the capabilities of the U.S. and allied military forces facing asymmetric threats and operating in highly-complex multi-domain environments. 

Expanded Global Reach – New Partnerships

Onyx continued to actively expand its strategic partner alliances across the globe, having signed strategic partnership agreements with such prominent brands in the defense industry as Scopex, Precision Technic Defence Group, Kägwerks, OKSI, and many others. 

“This has been a year of purposeful innovation, strategic transformation, and rapid growth,” said Zach Pyle, Onyx CEO. “As we mark our milestones and act on shaping Onyx’s future, we recognize this year has afforded us an incredible opportunity to showcase our commitment to innovation, versatility, and purpose."

“We are extremely grateful for our amazing clients, supportive partners, and exceptionally talented, dedicated, and mission-focused team,” said Mike Cadice, Onyx Principal. “We could not have done this without all of you, and we look forward to accomplishing much more in 2023."

"From all of us at Onyx, I want to wish everyone a very happy, healthy, purpose-driven, and action-filled new year," said Chris Klaftenegger, Onyx's COO.

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